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Putting together my reading list for the summer to hopefully be in a better spot for proposal writing come Fall. So far I requested these at the library:

So here's the full list. I suppose the order will depend on what I can get from the library and how much depressing non-fiction I can handle before I go batty.

1. Resilience Thinking: Sustaining Ecosystems and People in a Changing World by B. H. Walker (this one was great)
2. Animal Factory: The Looming Threat of Industrial Pig, Dairy, and Poultry Farms to Humans and the Environment by David Kirby (also a good real)
3. Muzzling a Movement: The Effects of Anti-Terrorism Law, Money, and Politics on Animal Activism by Dara Lovitz (Author)
4. Gristle: From Factory Farms to Food Safety (Thinking Twice About the Meat We Eat) by Moby
5. The Global Food Economy: The Battle for the Future of Farming by Anthony Weis
6. Campesino A Campesino: Voices from Latin America's Farmer to Farmer Movement for Sustainable Agriculture by Eric Holt-Giménez
7. Food Fight: The Citizen's Guide to a Food and Farm Bill by Dan Imhoff
8. The CAFO Reader: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories by Daniel Imhoff (Editor) (not as good as animal factory)
9. From the Ground Up: Environmental Racism and the Rise of the Environmental Justice Movement (Critical America Series) by Luke W. Cole
10. Local Environmental Struggles: Citizen Activism in the Treadmill of Production by Kenneth Alan Gould
11. Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design: Choosing among Five Approaches by John W. Creswell
12. Green Political Thought by Andrew Dobson
13. Issues in Green Criminology: Confronting Harms Against Environments, Other Animals and Humanity by Piers Beirne (Author), Nigel South (Author)
14. Navigating Social-Ecological Systems: Building Resilience for Complexity and Change (Hardcover) ~ Fikret Berkes (Editor), Johan Colding (Editor), Carl Folke (Editor)
15. Linking Social and Ecological Systems: Management Practices and Social Mechanisms for Building Resilience (Paperback) ~ Fikret Berkes (Editor), Carl Folke (Editor), (a bit dry, not particularly relevant for my work)
16.Partnerships for Empowerment: Participatory Research for Community-based Natural Resource Management by Carl Wilmsen, William Elmendorf, Larry Fisher, and Jacquelyn Ross
Communities and The Environment: Ethnicity, Gender, and the State in Community-Based Conservation by Arun Agrawal and Clark C. Gibson

Other books I want to read:
1. The Radical Lives of Helen Keller (The History of Disability) by Kim E. Nielsen
2. The Murder of Nikolai Vavilov: The Story of Stalin's Persecution of One of the Great Scientists of the Twentieth Century by Peter Pringle
3. A Week in December by Sebastian Faulks
4. Soulless (The Parasol Protectorate) by Gail Carriger
5. The City & The City by China Mieville
5. The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes, Neil Gaiman
6. The Sandman: Doll's House
7. Chew vol 1
8. Transmetropolitan vol 1
9. Kraken Mieville
10. Boneshaker
11. Sandman vol 3-6

and then maybe this
The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety: A Guide to Breaking Free from Anxiety, Phobias, and Worry Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy by John P. Forsyth, Georg H. Eifert
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